The FMI Full bore Formation Micro-Imager provides an electrical borehole image generated from up to 192 micro resistivity measurements. Special focusing circuitry ensures that the measuring currents are forced into the formation, where they modulate in amplitude with the formation conductivities to produce low-frequency signals rich in petro physical and lithological information and a high- resolution component that provides the microscale information used for imaging and dip interpretation.

The OBMI Oil-Base Micro Imager tool extends micro resistivity imaging to the environment of nonconductive, invert-emulsion mud systems. The increasing use of oil- and synthetic base mud systems to limit drilling risks and improve efficiency poses many challenges for formation imaging. Even a thin film of nonconductive mud is essentially an opaque curtain, preventing conventional micro resistivity imagers from measuring the formation. The presence of nonconductive mud cake or mud filtrate further complicates the situation. The OBMI tool meets these challenges by integrating unique technology with simple resistivity logging principles to produce an image that enables virtual visualization of the reservoir.