Services for Full Oil and Gas Field Studies

During the study first data gathering will be done and completed. After that QC of provided data interpretation will be done. By the end of the data review and QC, basic reservoir engineering including PVT analysis, Rock property analysis, DST interpretation and vertical well performance modeling will be performed. Upon completion of the basic reservoir engineering, dynamic reservoir modeling will start which includes reservoir simulation model construction, history matching and future production prediction. Finally, economical analysis will be performed on different development scenarios in order to find the optimum scenario for field development.

Production Engineering Studies

The objective of a production engineering studies is optimizing the production, which means maximizing the oil production with minimum wastage and in minimum time with optimum use of available resources

Surface Facilities Engineering Analysis and Studies

The surface facility studies include the analysis and optimization of the following elements:

  • Production system/li>
  • Oilfield fluids
  • Hydrocarbon properties
  • Production manifolds
  • Flow line characteristics
  • Gathering systems
  • Flow of fluids
  • Pigging
  • Separation
  • Oil treatment
  • Water treatment
  • Gas treatment
  • Pumps
  • Compressors