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WCP – DCI Clean-up Offshore Operation – DCI2 rig The project of maintaining and increasing production of Sivand, Esfand, and Dena fields, were awarded to PEDCO for drilling and completing 13 wells. The objective is to enhance production rate of these fields by 16,000 barrels per day. DCI company is assigned to drill, repair, and complete 13 wells in Sivand (Siri C) and Esfand (Siri E) which includes 4 new wells, 6 re-drilling wells, and 3 workovers. WSI Arvand, by winning the tender of Testing and Clean-up operation of these fields, is proud to cooperate with DCI in this project in order to increase the production of National oilfields.In this regard, WSI Arvand has received the first call-out letter on May 23, 2020 for clean-up operation of SCI-06 well. Mobilization of clean-up package is ongoing, and the clean-up project will be carried out in the next few days after the completion of Stimulation operation.

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